To date, YouTube is the most popular video service in the world. In 2017 there were registered 1.5 billion active users. This means that with the right approach your ad video can be watched by people from any corner of the planet. Being an experts I will help you get the maximum number of targeted views of your video to increase the number of subscribers on the channel and likes under your videos. At least @getsie will then beat off his thought about me

Having looked at the videos the only way siraj could be a scammer is if the person we are conversing with in telegram is not the same individual who owns the YouTube channel in question. A conundrum which is easily resolved and verified. Siraj, you can see now how this community works, everything is discussed absolutely in the open, apologies for the brutal opinions and honesty but it's the PIVX way 😁

I have nothing against anyone, btw great videos 👍

→@getsie Hi. Somebody with the knowledge of Siraj, the one really appearing on those videos and with quite outstanding, for the average, bio ( does definitely have a very good English and definitely would know exactly what PIVX is.....I would say better than many of us. It does rise a red flag the way we have been approached and maybe the fact that we have been approached in the first place. Having said that, we have contacted Siraj (@siraj_ravaI ?) via his own official channels and we are awaiting a reply. Beyond that, it would be as easy as to make a very short introductory video for us or a trailer. Also, we have already clarified above (sorry if I wasn't clear on this) that due to the high scamming activity in this sector, paying before delivery would be out of the question, both from the community (personal initiatives aside) and the blockchain. With the above conditions satisfied, I see no way @siraj_ravaI could scam us. We would have nothing to lose. He would. We'll be awaiting his replies from his official channels.

→Alan My reply was generic. I certainly do not know your personal situation. We all agree on this. We can always do something, whatever our situation. I am not better than anybody else, yet, with the help of others we kept this channel alive with not funding whatsoever, we built the PIVX MAINBOARD which, at my knowledge, no other coin has, and it's becoming the start reference for everything. We are building PIVX NEWS, which will give another major reference to fellow pivians. To do short videos, small articles, blogs or contacts your preferred newspaper or an organization that already accept BTC, MNR etc.....that require not particular skills. I'm NOT saying this to you. I'm saying this in general.

→@Annibale1 No. I would suggest to go to the PIVX MAINBOARD and have a look at those videos and articles about staking under the GENERAL....section. For a quick fix, which may or may not be enough, I would suggest to gently close the client. Wait at least 30 seconds and restart. Unlock for staking only and wait about 1 min. If it doesn't fix it, follow as above.

Crypto Mind

you look a lot like that guy DallasRushing who shills EOS.... or you are using his pic for some reason lol

I want to see some videos where the presenter is a dev and actually knows what they're talking about as well as has a vision of how the project should move forward.

I really appreciate vitalik for this. When I watch his videos I really feel inspired.

I think there's a presenter for everyone, keep diversity, some will like snappy, some will like more technical videos from devs and some will like theirs in Spanish.

But when you search for how PoS works there is nothing. There are a few videos describin the idea but no details on how the network is secured.

yes, i think is a good idea that pivx makes tech videos

There does not have to be many technical videos. It's nothing like PIVX press. They do not have to come out regularly. It doesn't have to take the devs an enormous amount of time (editing can be done by someone else).

make 2 videos, one edited and one with bad words just for those learning bad words

I'd love to see super technical videos on this too.

I just got my node in sync😁, so I thought I would throw out a data point. I randomly tracked my progress, download speeds varied throughout the day but about 100-120KBps or about 1Mbps. that gave me about 120 blocks per minute. I was able to use the link for for other things during that time but not videos. These are real life observed numbers not scientificly collect under ideal conditions. YMMV

my video is simple, just sketch videos and shor interviews. unfortunately, I was not invited to meet up in seoul. I have chance to attend meet up, I will share the video as well. :)