It's working on test network. Should be here in the next few months :)

I see, so it is still on development? Sorry I am new here and I am very interested with pivx and currently learning it.

i guess i need 10k tPIVs

Ah, i dont have 10k. Ask the developer channel on discord. They can help

Having said that, we have Bulletproofs developer Johnathon Bootle working with the core PIVX Team

I'm just getting started in the PIVX world and I've noticed reference to chat on here, discord and slack and they have a wiki. Is the chat spread according to type, technical, social, beginners, developer etc. Im asking because I have a lot of beginner type questions and dont want to offend by starting in the wrong place.

How can I recover funds from the pivx mobile wallet. After the pivx wallet developer updated to new version I couldn't recover using the seed...

Crypto Ninja
How can I recover funds from the pivx mobile wallet. After the pivx wallet developer updated to new version I couldn't recover using the seed...

If you use a third-party wallet you should contact the developer of the wallet, in the PIVX Wallet is easy to recover from the backup, or using the seed.

guys, which mobile wallet would you prefer coinomy or the one developed by furzy?

Christopher Krueger
Is this coin still relevant? The only reason is I purchased a wile back and forgot about. after doing a bunch of research it doesn’t seem like there is a good case for the use of PIVX. Compare to Montero or z cash or bitcoin... Can someone help with better research data. It seems it fell from top 10 to top 100.

We try not to compare but those are all PoW. PoW has poorly-aligned incentives when multiple currencies are GPU-mineable. Bitcoin is safe from this but there's a problem with an ever increasing power-requirement.Zcash is gives 10% of the PoW block reward to investors, founders and developers. PIVX is sorta like Dash (democratic funding) + Zcash (zero-knowledge proofs) + Blackcoin (PoSv3) + Monero (tail emission + elastic blocks + incoming I2P integration) + killer community (ambassadors, active members, DAO-funded projects) and reliable, innovative developers who have repeatedly unveiled completely new innovations eg. zPoS.PIVX has scalable privacy and high security regardless of how the computational landscape might change as well as a proven commitment to innovation.

Idex will introduce full kyc. How will zdex prevent this situation?

Essentially, zDEX and the PIVX core client are open-source. Anyone can fork the code repositories. Even then, Masternode owners democratically appoint our developers. Not that it would ever happen but zDEX and Masternodes could be run on a cloned version of the code and developers could stop receiving funding. People could cease to update if the client pushes KYC. I'm not sure how idex can be decentralised like zDEX but also have KYC. Sounds a bit poo 😝

Christopher Krueger
Wow that dose seem like a well built coin.

Monero relies on donations to continue development and other improvements through the Forum Funding System. In my opinion, that tends to be an unreliable, unsustainable method.

Is this the official pivx chat, are their real developers here and available to answer? Or is it a fan page.

Lorne Pöst
Is this the official pivx chat, are their real developers here and available to answer? Or is it a fan page.

Yeah, there are some devs floating around but you're better off in Discord if you want to reach them.

The spam-developers are more and more clever.

What do you suggest?

I suggest having a monitor here on telegram just to remind people they lie that speculation is unwelcome and that you're trying to make a professional business and work within regulations and her being formed excetera excetera this telegram should be used to share pivx developments and nothing further

Its not like it is a lost case. Even if there are some issues, devs will fix it this way or the other. Cheers and go PIVX!

When the same for PIVX ?

Dash is making some cool progress. PIVX has a different set of challenges for the most part. Our Zerocoin transactions are much larger. This is why Bulletproofs could be helpful.We also have a tail emission and will have elastic blocks which in the opinion of some, has solved the scaling problem.Over time, thanks to our DAO, PIVX can fund it's own development. Our nodes and Masternodes will get more capable over time too.Dash has a long term plan to create Dash ASICS and hardware requirements for Masternodes. They will scale blocksize heavily. I think blocks go up from 5MB to several hundred megabytes.

Important notice for users of the PIVX Android Wallet or the PIVX Light Desktop Wallet:A syncing issue has been identified and acknowledged that requires a software update in order to resolve. While pushing the required update is, in itself, a trivial task...scheduling unavailabilities and the forthcoming ZLNP update have resulted in the decision to "hold off" on pushing multiple updates in quick succession.It is advised that users of any PIVX-branded light node wallet exercise patience at this time. If funds access is time critical, however, there are steps that can be taken to import funds into a core wallet if need be.Fuzzbawls, PIVX Core Developer.

I won't 💩 on Monero because I think it's a fantastic currency. I just think PIVX has more sustainable development. funding and environmental sustainability.

Is the pivx chat predominantly on discord?

There are more members and more developers. It's a bit more official.

60 second interview with PIVX Core Developer: Fuzzbawls

I see, I understand what you mean, but I have no idea how. I recommend you go to Discord and ask to a developer.