zDEX: DECENTRALIZED & ANONYMOUS EXCHANGE (zPIV ←→ BTC). Inside the core client. No registration. No IP logging. Safe, local storage of your assets. #PIVXNews #PIVXWallet #PIVXExchanges

→ @samasak I know Bisqs but way to complicated and I don't see how buying on Bisq using bank transfer is any better. If you don't like KYC, understandably, you have better options as mentioned by Albert. There are also other decentralized exchanges. Complete list on the PIVX MAINBOARD.

→ Mario Right. Thought you were referring to official sites. If you go to the PIVX MAINBOARD (linked in the group info box of this chat), you'll find the link for Cryptonode, under MAIN LINKS. That also needs updating but nevertheless, it's still more accurate. Also, bear in mind that we are in a transition period right now, passing from one reward system to another and in few months an in-wallet zDEX (=private, decentralized exchange) will bring more revenue to the MN owners.

PIVX on OPENBAZAAR! You can now buy/sell PIVX at the current market price on, a renowed decentralized, peer-to-peer market place. #PIVXNews
I2P is an anonymizing network that uses a fully decentralized peer-to-peer model. It has many key technical advantages over other models such as TOR, and is much faster, secure, and robust. #PIVXNews

→ @fintechdummy NEWS HUNTERS: People who ROUTINELY screen the net for PIVX related, RELIABLE news. ATM we are looking for somebody who could screen Reddit, YouTube etc. SUPPORT STAFF: If you have an area of expertise, we are looking for people to keep an eye on this chat and reply to questions, especially technical. ATM we are especially lacking on masternode knowledge (technical knowledge), although we do have some of the users happy to help. ACTIVIST MEMBERS: We have a group where we admins as well as other people willing to be pro-active for the PIVX community gather for all sort of things. We need people to investigate and make proposals to new prospective business, organizations and individuals who could accept PIVX for their activities. OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS: We would like to investigate the possibility of expanding into other more decentralized, FOSS platform like, for instance, Mastodon, Diaspora etc. We need people to test those and report the usability and maybe help there as required. PIVX NEWS EDITOR: We need one of two to learn how to edit the news (very basic and simple) and post, taking the news from the News Hunters (above) direclty or from a pool. AD HOC TASKs: We take decisions to start new projects or just to improve things, to become more efficient. There are many small tasks that need to be done in order to take and carry out those decisions and we need help there. It could be setting a poll, preparing a spreadsheet etc. MOSTLY - VERY IMPORTANT - : We need reliable poeple, not people that say I'll do this and I'll do that and then they disappear or they just pop in now and then. It's OK to work just few min a day or one/two hrs a week but they must be reachable, realiable and stick to what agreed. Hope it helps.

JAPANESE REGULATORS BAN PRIVATE CRYPTOCURRENCIES By Veramis, PIVX Official response to recent developments in Japan. "Regardless of what privacy coins regulations may come to pass, existing and upcoming anonymous and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges will ensure the survival and success of cryptocurrencies with privacy-protecting features." #PIVXNews

There is some decentralized exchange that admits PIVX ?

PIVX TO LAUNCH ZDEX: FIRST PRIVATE IN-WALLET DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE By Bitcoin Exchange Guide "zDEX will offer users with a decentralized and yet anonymous exchange platform for converting bitcoin to zPIV and vice versa." #PIVXNews #PIVXExchanges

I would like to do something to make a safe pool... im not saying it would be decentralized paradise utopia... but maybe simple security measures could give trust to users...

Let's also consider the fact that pivx is heavily decentralized and that's a huge plus because network control is hard unlike some pow coins that have reached some degree of mining centralisation with all the consequences

pivx is also the official coin for the international monetary fund and world bank

Wow, are you sure? I thought that bank banned all decentralized coins and were keen on centralized coins such as xrp

What? Lol

Perhaps he intended that pivx is decentralized coin and that fact nerves banks very much, therefore pivx cannot be used by those institutions

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

guys how decentralized is pivx compared to monero?? and what are the chances that pivx wont suffer from a 51% attack

How does BitTorrent still work in countries that punish piracy? It is decentralized, so they will have to deal with it.

so it's not completely decentralized, if team is compromised, zdex is done

Dear dev, we are a decentralized exchange EtherFlyer, recently we received recommendation for listing pivx on our newly opened "Self-listing" system from our supporters. We are glad to meet you; hope that we can reach a sound cooperation! Unfortunately I cannot pm for unknown reasons, so could you pls pm me or give me an email address for more details? Sorry for the inconvenience.

PRIVATE DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE Alpha Launch -Nov 1, 2018 Is the date correct?

Yes, zDEX is the first decentralized exchange based in Zerocoin PIVX Protocol.