My point is that there are no technical videos at all.

At the moment, you'll have to read the technical documents on GitHub as well as many articles posted around. There's also a bunch of good stuff in the main board link. Having said that, yes, most of the technical stuff can be taken from Dash, Blackcoin, Bitcoin and Zerocoin.

Do you know much about PIVX so far?

It's a fork of dash. I like pos better because everyone can stake and be involved. Zpiv is very private so I see potential in that. I like the governance model too.

We simply changed the codebase from pure DASH POW+MN to POS+MN

Hi, there is rumor in market that pivx is partnering with that correct ??

Have the devs made a statement yet on whether PIVX is vulnerable to the recent Bitcoin DoS/Inflation bug? I notice Dash fixed that bug a few days ago.

I need info on which block Pivx forked from DASH

all data screams its hardforked from dash

ok can you give me info guys

Check the Genesis Block hash for pivx and dash

This also applies to other currencies, dash, litecoin, feathercoin, Dogecoin forked only Software not chain

I guess we are see a huge move in Pivx price...there is no reason that explains why Dash has so much more value then PIVX

Does fees comes only in zPIV or you get feets per pair? so if people bet btc/dash/eth, you get fees of btc/dash/eth etc

Crypto Ninja
Which coins can I exchange on the ZDEX?

"Initially zDEX will launch with BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC and PART and more will be added as the project grows."

Christopher Krueger
Is this coin still relevant? The only reason is I purchased a wile back and forgot about. after doing a bunch of research it doesn’t seem like there is a good case for the use of PIVX. Compare to Montero or z cash or bitcoin... Can someone help with better research data. It seems it fell from top 10 to top 100.

We try not to compare but those are all PoW. PoW has poorly-aligned incentives when multiple currencies are GPU-mineable. Bitcoin is safe from this but there's a problem with an ever increasing power-requirement.Zcash is gives 10% of the PoW block reward to investors, founders and developers. PIVX is sorta like Dash (democratic funding) + Zcash (zero-knowledge proofs) + Blackcoin (PoSv3) + Monero (tail emission + elastic blocks + incoming I2P integration) + killer community (ambassadors, active members, DAO-funded projects) and reliable, innovative developers who have repeatedly unveiled completely new innovations eg. zPoS.PIVX has scalable privacy and high security regardless of how the computational landscape might change as well as a proven commitment to innovation.

Why was pivx previously called Darknet?

At the time, Dash was called Darkcoin and as a fork, it seemed to make sense to have a similar name, so the founders selected Darknet.

And the tech is solid, I had 2 dash nodes back in the day. Had them since it was dark coin. I sold off when dash mooned to 5 bucks and felt like a genius cause I wouldn’t have to deal with keeping 2 masternodes up. Dude... don’t be me...

Dash Stress Test Passes 3 Million Transactions, Smashes Bitcoin Cash Record by Nearly 50% | Dash Force News
When the same for PIVX ?

Dash is making some cool progress. PIVX has a different set of challenges for the most part. Our Zerocoin transactions are much larger. This is why Bulletproofs could be helpful.We also have a tail emission and will have elastic blocks which in the opinion of some, has solved the scaling problem.Over time, thanks to our DAO, PIVX can fund it's own development. Our nodes and Masternodes will get more capable over time too.Dash has a long term plan to create Dash ASICS and hardware requirements for Masternodes. They will scale blocksize heavily. I think blocks go up from 5MB to several hundred megabytes.

Bitcoin Private vs Monero vs Dash vs Zcash vs Verge vs Pirate - Privacy Coin Overview Pt 1 of 5 - YouTube

Is its chain and coding similar to DASH and Monero?

Yeah the only thing that bothers me is adoption. It needs more distribution and merchants like dash or bch

Is its chain and coding similar to DASH and Monero?

So, Dash and Monero are PoW.Monero has a tail emission of 0.6XMR per block. This means miners are always incentivised to verify transactions even if fees are low.PIVX also has a tail emission which is the current phase. This is because we are PoS.PIVX is a fork of Dash which I believe is a fork of Litecoin which is a fork of Bitcoin. We utilise code from a huge range of currencies including Zerocoin.We have no smart contracts haha.

PIVX is sorta like Dash + Monero + Blackcoin (first PoSv3 currency)

Thanks😁 I usually dont like forks but pivx is miles ahead of dash, premine let alone

Yeah but its kinda shady(dash)

To be clear, BTC, LTC, DASH, PIVX all had their own genesis block. No Hardforks like BTC/BCH