→ Great Southern Enterprise Hi. Welcome to our chat. 😉 The main benefits to MN are that you can set it up with a VPS and keep it running 24/7 without having to keep your PC on all that time. In addition, you can vote for (or against) proposal. Other than that, market aside (situation which is common to all cryptos), PIVX is advancing at a very good pace and the community is looking forward to the upcoming Light Wallet and, above all, the zDEX. We post all the official news here and tag them. The main tag is PIVXNews (tags are preceded by the # symbol). Just click on those or type them in the chat search-box and you'll get the correspondent list arranged by date. Other than that, please read the Group Info. Hope it helps. 🙏🏽

But splitting your assets between several cryptos, stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals. It just makes sense to diversify.

TOKEN TV PLUS: INTERVIEW WITH BRYAN DOREIAN (SNAPPY) Tom White and Cryptosi discussion with Snappy includes privacy and the future of PIVX. #PIVXNews

→@taofgoar No issues from my side either with staking or zstaking. Orphans are OK. They happen everywhere just other cryptos usually prefer to keep the orphas hidden in their core wallets, I've heard. If your APR has drastically dropped and it continues like this there might be an issue there.

well you can try every password that comes to your mind or you use a computer which tries every password combination. But this may takes forever. If you can remember parts of the password, this would makes it easier, but chances are not verry good if you choose a strong password

That ok thanks for trying I only have a couple of hundred in it so not the end of the world lol - Have gotten carried away buying so many different cryptos so many wallets but are setting up a ledger for storing all pass words / Phrases

Is PIVX dead?

Yes, everything is dead, sell all your cryptos and back to fiat....