If a PoS cryptocurrency gave 40% ROI for stakers and a the same amount to founders rewards, all else being the same, the currency would devalue by almost half every year. High inflation, like we see in Venezuela is unsustainable. Just like coins with high "ROI" (Staking rewards).

Not a single time since being in crypto i have seen a cross-project effort that vivid

Cliffs on all crypto tho

The presstab block explorer has been down for quite some time. Is the one over at Crypto ID the only other one up?

Great news! We've added PIVX to the service. PIVX is the leading POS coin in the cryptoworld.

i read somewhere that the pump is the only real thing in crypto

Sure thing @CryptoMax239 have you check whether you're on the right chain?

I bought the place with crypto

Dirk Klages
is there a native PIVX iOS wallet? I found writings that the release should be end of 2017...

The iOS PIVX wallet is developed and ready, however, due to Apple’s bureaucracy, like manny other crypto projects, it is not published. The team are still working a way to get it published. In the mean time, coinomi for iOS supports PIVX, I have being using it for manny months without any problems. Their features even includes sweeping private key funds which can be very useful for some users.

I just watched Crypto Love blog on Youtube that PIVX has a staking program.

hey is there anyway to recover wallet passphrase

Didnt you write it down somewhere? I also lost alot of money this way. I cope with it by looking at it like really expensive tuition for a basic crypto security lesson. 😢

I really like the technology behind PIVX, I read everything I can, yes, I know that the PIVX / USD price is bad, but after all not everything in the crypto is "money".

Privacy is one of the few confirmed-use markets in the crypto space Smart contracts is still confirming its use-case

How's things @ghcryptoguy ?

Panda Exchange is going to update!! Is going to update, Fiat <-> Crypto in the European market.

PIVX - BUSKERS AND THE BLOCKCHAIN Check out this cool (read: a bit cheesy) video about tipping, crypto, performance and PIVX 😉

PWA apps can be nice. No need for app store approval. Just install the icon right from a web site and go. But yeah, hopefully the native crypto apps can start getting approved.

"If all Bitcoin transactions were confidential and used Bulletproofs, then the total size of the UTXO set would be only 17 GB, compared to 160 GB with the currently used proofs."

Is there a youtube channel where pivx devs talk/give interviews?

There's PIVX Class and PIVX Crypto on YouTube. There's Twitter @_pivx I think. There's a newsletter you can sign up for on the website. There's also @pivxnews feed on Telegram. Last and bestly, if you speak Spanish, @ONeZetty has YouTube too!

My latest interview about Crypto Security with J. Stinson. He talks about attack platforms and the differences between Privacy Coins.

Okay then. The cryptocurrency soil in Nigeria is very fertile and this is the right time to explore the Nigerian crypto space. Would be nice if more awareness creation and mass adoption initiatives are put on place.

Mike Manderfeen
If BTC or LTC adopt a privacy model Do you think they would impact PIVX (or other privacy coins) negatively?

Perhaps. It's difficult to tell since the technology is so different. I believe that governance is crucial for sustainable development in crypto. Considering the tech is always improving, we need constant income to feed our Devs.

Is there an API or JSON data feed to recreate the masternode/staking calculator of

Like to buy crypto where i also can exchange direct again in fiat..

But is there a chance blockchain will be seperated from cryptocurrency itself

On several places i read this is a real danger for crypto. The blockchain would be adopted and crypto itself would be left aside

We are excited to announce our new MOU agreement with UIOEX Exchange in Seoul, South Korea! Along with PIVX getting listed on the exchange upon their grand opening of the global exchange set to happen soon, we are also the very first cryptocurrency on UIOEX to hold a live customer Q&A session at the exchange and is scheduled on September 22 Morning KST. We hope that our responses can provide more clarification on our vision, technology and the benefits it brings to many new investors and users in South Korea and globally. [Korean] UIOEX 거래소에 상장 될 코인과 세계 최초 "MEET UR TEAM" 주제로 개발자와 고객이 만날 수 있는 소통의 장을 진행 예정이며 그 첫번째 주인공이 피벡스 (PIVX)로 결정 되었습니다. 자세한 내용은 아래 공지 링크로 확인해주세요~ Official Exchange Announcement: National Newspaper Press:

Can someone shill me PIVX as if I was completely new to crypto, thanks in advance

Is anyone from the team going to be at the World Crypto Con in Las Vegas 10/30-11/3 ?

Bank secrecy act of 1970 Usd Inflation rate since 1970 Gaining monitary/ influencal wealth is unproportionaly easier than losing it. This rule applies especially to governmental bodies. The Bank Secrecy Act was established to reduce money laundering, but even with 6 fold inflation the $10,000 rule stands. These types of restrictions make banks absolutly inferior to cryptocurrency and the idea of "BYOB" or "Being Your Own Bank".

All really good, except my crypto portfolios.