Yes, privacy in PIVX is optional. However, the reason behind banning privacy crypto is so that they can see what you are doing.

MEET A PIVIAN: ELIAS Elias is known in the community as Bouilla. He supports the marketing team, in particular by giving professional advice about and even editing direclty the audio editing in the videos. #PIVXNews
BRYAN "SNAPPY" DOREIAN DISCUSSES THE LATEST PIVX NEWS IN INTERVIEW WITH THE CRYPTO LARK By Bryan "Snappy" Doreian A recap of the recent interview between The Crypto Lark and Bryan "Snappy" Doreian. "The Crypto Lark had a follow-up interview with “Snappy” Bryan Doreian from PIVX to discuss the latest news from PIVX, 51% attacks, privacy coin bans, private smart contract platform competition, and so much more!" #PIVXNews

But if not since japan is one of the biggest crypto markets it could definately hurt

Privacy coins are the terrorists of crypto

JAPANESE REGULATORS BAN PRIVATE CRYPTOCURRENCIES By Veramis, PIVX Official response to recent developments in Japan. "Regardless of what privacy coins regulations may come to pass, existing and upcoming anonymous and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges will ensure the survival and success of cryptocurrencies with privacy-protecting features." #PIVXNews
PIVX FOR INVESTORS #1: WHAT IS PIVX? By Tai Zen and Bryan "Snappy" Doreian The first in an educational video series. "Watch now to learn what sets PIVX apart from other cryptocurrencies." #PIVXNews
PIVX CLASS EP25: BANKS CAN LOCK YOU OUT "Hey there guys. Today we have another episode from our Why Cryptocurrency series. That's where we talk about some of the moral and practical reasons to get into crypto. This episode in particular gives a couple examples of how banks can go beyond the law in restricting people's decisions. If they don't like what you do, regardless of its legality, they can shut you down." #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo #PIVXClass

→ @CryptoRyan45 Hi. One option. 👍🏼 ....but don't need Binance if you are not registered there or simply don't like to be logged. needs/does neither.

HOW ZEROCOIN WORKS IN FIVE MINUTES By Turtleflax Fast, but thorough, description of Zerocoin by PIVian Turtleflax. "Zerocoin works a bit differently than other crypto privacy protocols, so let’s break it down." #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo
ISO THE GOOD LIFE SHOW: BITCOIN, CRYPTOCURRENCY & PIVX. «"In Search Of" The Good Life, is a popular Weekly 2 Hour Weekend Radio Talk Show broadcasting in California, USA». This episode features Mike Wreyford & Byan Doreian. #PIVXNews
PIVX MANIFESTO 2.0 BUDGET PROPOSAL By Pivxftw This is PIVX Governance in action. Join the conversation on the PIVX Forum. "...the principles of the Manifesto largely remains unchanged in this proposal (it is the the core reason I joined this community). However, I feel the current wording and format has some issues. Cryptosi has recommended that I develop this proposal for the community to vote on." #PIVXNews
20 REASONS TO BUY PIVX by Cryptno Succint list of why according to the author PIVX is a good bet. #PIVXNews

→ Crypto congui Fururama Hi. Don't need Google. 😜 There are some already developed that accept PIVX. If you go to the PIVX Mainboard, there's a list of all exchanges that accept PIVX and the DEX ones are marked.

PIVX REPRESENTED AT MONEY CONFERENCE 2018 IN DUBLIN, IRELAND By Buer "We are proud to announce PIVX’s attendance in MoneyConf 2018 , taking place June 11-13, 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. The privacy- and real-world-use-centric cryptocurrency will be represented by PIVX Summits Administrator and long-time community member Buer, and the PIVX Project Junior Developer, Warrows." #PIVXNews

→@Crypto_Minion Oh, so you are alive after all.

→ jIMMY » not a reversal to a bull market Hi. Which reversal at all? I can only see it stopped going down. 😜 It happened with BTC for two years and it was even worse (albeit less competition then) but most crypto holders today aren't that patient.

TOP 5 BEST PROOF OF STAKE COINS - PART 2 By Jide Idowu "PIVX just like other PoS coin rewards you for holding the cryptocurrency for a long term. Investors get approximately 4.8% return on investment annually for holding PIVX. The PIVX staking calculator helps you know how much you get for your budget." #PIVXNews

→ Great Southern Enterprise Hi. Welcome to our chat. 😉 The main benefits to MN are that you can set it up with a VPS and keep it running 24/7 without having to keep your PC on all that time. In addition, you can vote for (or against) proposal. Other than that, market aside (situation which is common to all cryptos), PIVX is advancing at a very good pace and the community is looking forward to the upcoming Light Wallet and, above all, the zDEX. We post all the official news here and tag them. The main tag is PIVXNews (tags are preceded by the # symbol). Just click on those or type them in the chat search-box and you'll get the correspondent list arranged by date. Other than that, please read the Group Info. Hope it helps. 🙏🏽

But splitting your assets between several cryptos, stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals. It just makes sense to diversify.

FINDER: THE IMPLICATIONS OF CRYPTO AND PRIVACY ""The economy and personal freedom and access to money will actually improve with readily available private transactions. Aml/Kyc is expensive and slow to enforce and harms a lot of innocent people by making banking inaccessible to much of the world's population. When the other option to private transactions results in an industry created to monetize and share your personal information (or lose it), then private transactions protects us from such misuse." #PIVXNews

Uhm, not exactly the same. Crypto have matured much more. Still way to go, though. Anyway, time will tell, you are right. Those are not true believers. True believers don't excpect anything otherwise you are a "wisher" 😜 We have kept telling people all the time: "DO NOT INVEST MORE THAN YOU ARE PREPARED TO LOSE". So, I am prepared to lose.

I am in crypto since 2013. Go figure noobs

IoP INTERVIEW WITH CRYPTO_SI & WARROWS. Governance Community Guru & Developer. "Crypto projects need to come together and share a little bit more the technology that has been created." #PIVXNews
PIVX CLASS EP28: ALTCOIN EXPLAINED SUPERFAST "Hello everyone, today we've got another super fast explanation of crypto terminology. This episode: Altcoins!" #PIVXNews #PIVXClass #PIVXInfo
PIVX CLASS EP30: HOT vx COLD STORAGE. EXPLAINED SUPERFAST. "Hey there guys, got anothe fast explainer video for you today! Today we have the difference between hot and cold storage in cryptocurrency. Pretty important stuff if you're getting into holding a lot of crypto. It can help protect you against hacking attacks." #PIVXNews #PIVXClass #PIVXInfo
PIVX CLASS EP31: CRYPTOGRAPHY. EXPLAINED SUPERFAST. "Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of PIVX Class. Today is a short, but sweet intro to cryptography. We really just try and cover what the term means and a tiny bit about how cryptocurrency uses it. Hope it is helpful!" #PIVXNews #PIVXClass #PIVXInfo
TOKEN TV PLUS: INTERVIEW WITH BRYAN DOREIAN (SNAPPY) Tom White and Cryptosi discussion with Snappy includes privacy and the future of PIVX. #PIVXNews
PIVX CLASS EP32: FIAT CURRENCY. EXPLAINED SUPERFAST. "The term fiat currency gets thrown around a lot when talking about cryptocurrency. It's a pretty simple definition, but not something many people use day-to-day. So here is a 3 minute video explaining fiat currency!" #PIVXNews #PIVXClass #PIVXInfo

I got a node running. Its synced, the block hash matches the ones in the presstab and cryptoid explorers. But, I see:

pivx-cli mnsync status
  "IsBlockchainSynced": false,
I've tried to kill pivxd and restart it, thinking its just a blip, but after a few days it hasn't changed to true. Any ideas?

MASTERNODE BUZZ: INTERVIEW WITH CRYPTO S.I. (Part 1) Tom Dumoni of Masternode Buzz interviews Crypto S.I. about PIVX. "This week's interview is with PIVX team member Crypto S.I. He has been obsessed with crypto since 2012 and joined the PIVX team several months after its launch in 2016, where he is responsible for governance modelling." #PIVXNews

SIRAJ RAVAL IMPOSTOR So, to end this mini saga, @siraj_ravaI (Siraj Raval impostor) has left this group giving more weight to the allegations agains him/her. What it's more important, apparently the real Siraj Raval replied to our community member @pdx_brewer who kindly contacted him via Twitter messaging system. I have banned @siraj_ravaI. Also, if you are on any other related group (crypto or ICOs), please warn them. If you do know of any blacklist where we can report such incident, please let us know.

CRYPTO BRIEFING: GOV vs PEOPLE ON PRIVACY "While hoping for the best, some privacy coins are also preparing for the worst. PIVX, a proof-of-stake fork from Dash, is also flourishing its legal bona fides. However, it’s also preparing an onchain solution that could make its coins impossible to ban." #PIVXNews

People would still have access to it as usual (ie. link on At any event, it's just a thought. Yet, if one of our bots stops working we would be in trouble. We are currently flooded by spammers. especially from a channel called "Crypto-Profits", and I'm getting fed up with non-genuine people DMming me.

→@taofgoar No issues from my side either with staking or zstaking. Orphans are OK. They happen everywhere just other cryptos usually prefer to keep the orphas hidden in their core wallets, I've heard. If your APR has drastically dropped and it continues like this there might be an issue there.

The Chainz/cryptoid block explorer or the one in the wallet?

→Billybeton Big investors in the crypto sphere, IN THE SHORTISH TERMS, are mainly based on how well a coin is perceived to be doing. Not on his qualities. Hence, market wise, it is irrelevant that we are (or we are not) the best the short terms at least. For the moment, it's very unlikely that one coin wins over the other. It's far more possible that multiple assets solutions (ie. multi-chain wallets etc.) get used more and more and then people can TX with each other regardless of the coins they use. In the long term, it should be a different story. New social reforms, legislations, technology are far too impredictable in the long term.

Price is a combination of network affect and speculation. Value does not equal price. Only rarely. At the moment the CMC crypto markets are like a value searching machine, but that takes time to spit out more useful coins (more users) vs. highly speculative coins.

PIVX CLASS EP35: CLIENT ADVICE - DIFFERENT TYPES OF CLIENTS "Hey guys, we released a short format video talking about different cryptocurrency wallet types last week, but many found it to not explain enough. So, we've remade that video as a full length, but simple guide on different wallet types. We lightly go over the pros and cons of these wallets and which are preferable depending on your needs. Hope you like it!" #PIVXNews #PIVXClass #PIVXInfo

Crypto I deleted your post as irrelevant to PIVX

→@gujvzbgrytu6 Regarding your screenshot, our Zerocoin is an improved version. Our devs are constantly working on it and we even have two highly specialized cryptographers in the team. One of them, Johnathan Bootle, is they one I was referring to in my previosu comment.

A Cryptographic Flaw in Zerocoin (and Two Critical Coding Issues) › Chair of Applied Cryptography

roi in crypto is not the same than in fiat world