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I just deleted the post that @Synse was replying to, @CryptoRyan45

Seth Gekko
20 hours ago I sent feew piv to an exchange, but since then no piv made it there. Anyone has the same issue?

Some exchanges are updating their wallets! Also, i sent some pivx to cryptopia, it took 2 hours, but the transaction went through instantly, so it was the exchange’s problem...

ANONYMOUS CRYPTOCURRENCY PIVX MAKES A WORLD-FIRST TECH BREAKTHROUGH By Andrew Munro A glance at PIVX's privacy features. "Technologically, fully functional anonymous staking is a brand new achievement. The fluffier and less-certain long-term implications of this, around the idea of anonymous accumulating wealth storage and decentralised faceless communities, might be equally interesting." #PIVXNews
No coin can survive long term to an inflation of 100%

Personally, by inflation in crypto world I understand that the no. Of coins will be doubled. So u are saying that the circulation supply will go up 100%?

PIVX BECOMES THE WORLD'S FIRST ANONYMOUS PROOF-OF-STAKE CRYPTOCURRENCY By JP Buntinx A brief recap of PIVX's proof of stake innovation. "The zPoS staking system is a network-wide upgrade which allows for anonymity while staking coins. It combines the best of the two features users have enjoyed for so long." #PIVXNews
zPIV + zPoS UPDATE - Activation of zPIV v2 (Phase 3) has been completed. Let the zPIV minting begin! - (It was intentionally enabled without notice so developers could check it first) - You can manually mint zPIV from the privacy tab. Auto-minting also works now. - Please note that zPIV denomination is eligible to stake after 200 confirmations, - That means we may see our very first zPIV staking block in the next 2-3 of hours. - Once we see a zPIV staked block, then we'll know zPoS is working correctly. smiley On a side note: - We are seeing a lot of zPIV being minted already! 2.35% of PIVX coin supply is now zPIV & growing. - You can check it here: - Make sure you generate a zPIV Deterministic Seed key and keep it safe just in case! (see below) - - As zPIV minting fees are burned, we already see blocks with even less than 3 PIV generated! (instead of 5) - #PIVXWallet #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo
PIVX CLASS EP22: WHY CRYPTOCURRENCY? DETACHING FROM STATE " We talk a bit about the benefits of separating currency control from the state" #PIVXNews #PIVXClass #PIVXInfo

→ @Bloodir Sometimes it falls a bit behind. You can check with CryptoID and with the new Toolbox. Both links in the PIVX Mainboard. First under MAIN LINKS and the other under WALLETS.

DYK (Did You Know)? Zerocoin Proof of Stake (zPoS) "Did you know that PIVX is the first cryptocurrency to implement zerocoin staking? True private staking is now available to all." #DYK

PIVX LAUNCHES WORLD'S FIRST PRIVATE STAKING SYSTEM ZPOS By Alexander Lielacher A brief overview of PIVX's most recent innovation. "On May 8, 2018, the first zPIV block reward was received, marking a historic moment in the cryptocurrency community as this was the first time an anonymous PoS system has been successfully developed." #PIVXNews

→ @Gurusoncrypto Hi. No project, community. Make your proposal on the blockchain and the MN will vote accordingly. 😉

MEET A PIVIAN: ANDREW Andrew is known in the community as Easypeasy and he writes articles for the blog. #PIVXNews
CRYPTO RECORDER: QUICK GLANCE at PIVX "With the current developments and the many others that are in the pipeline, PIVX Coin could easily head back to over $12 once the market momentum returns. The fact that it is holding strong in the wake of a market correction shows that it has the capacity to outperform the market this year." #PIVXNews

→ @Ckcryptoinvest Hi. Just send to yourself. For best privacy, create an address just for that purpose and send your zPIV there. They'll be converted automatically.

→ @Ckcryptoinvest SETTINGS » OPTIONS. Change the Automint.

→ @Ckcryptoinvest Into the zPIV pool. There's no "address" on the zPIV side. It's a pool and you have the keys to some denominations that you own.

→ @Ckcryptoinvest This is still being observed as there are different possibilities. You have to keep this in mind: * Lower denominations might be in higher number, thus more competition. This is only a rule of thumb, though. * When getting rewarded, your denomination will be frozen until 200 confirmations are reached....meaning for over 3hrs.

→ @Ckcryptoinvest Yes. Normal. Other people need to mint the same denomination in order for yours to become fully mature. Basically when you mint: - 20 confirmations are needed from the network - 1 additional mint of the same denomination into the pool. When you zstake: - 200 confirmations are needed from the network. Strange, though, that with such low denomination you are still waiting. It should have happened within min.

→ Mario Right. Thought you were referring to official sites. If you go to the PIVX MAINBOARD (linked in the group info box of this chat), you'll find the link for Cryptonode, under MAIN LINKS. That also needs updating but nevertheless, it's still more accurate. Also, bear in mind that we are in a transition period right now, passing from one reward system to another and in few months an in-wallet zDEX (=private, decentralized exchange) will bring more revenue to the MN owners.

WHY PIVX? "If you’re new to the world of crypto, and thinking about which to buy, this site explains why you should choose PIVX." A big THANK YOU to Gabriel Nergaard for this wonderful site which hopefully will make it much easier for anybody curious about PIVX to learn more. #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo

PIVX LAUNCHES WORLD'S FIRST PRIVATE STAKING SYSTEM - ZPOS By Robert Devoe A recap of the historic zPoS launch. "No other privacy-focused cryptocurrency has yet to accomplish this difficult technical feat. To date, other privacy coins in the market have only managed to offer private transactions through proof-of-work mining algorithms. This means PIVX now provides both total anonymity and PoS mining." #PIVXNews

→ @cryptocentaur Hi. That site doesn't appear to exist. Please, use official links as published in the PIVX Mainboard.

→ @cryptocentaur Currently, the rewards are:

→ @cryptocentaur You posted .com before. Yes, that seems seems about right. Don't see gone up.

→ @cryptocentaur Correction. There's a big discrepancy between Masternodes and Cryptonode. Probably somewhere in between. @ MN OWNERS Any comment?

→ @cryptocentaur Masternodes doesn't make sense. It says: ROI: 47% AVG MN Reward Frequency: 1d10h At that frequency, even getting consistently the highest rewards (3zPIV), you'd get about 730PIVs/pa. ....which is more similar to Cryptonode I don't know where that ROI comes from.

→ @cryptocentaur I think I do.....let me check.

→ @cryptocentaur No, it was other users posting. I guess the email contact at the bottom. If you email them would be good. Meanwhile, I'll write a note on our link.....

Seth Gekko
But you cannot say that it’s working “perfectly” if it’s not working on slow machines

Unfortunately cryptographic computations need resources, it's not their fault it's just the way it is. Did not mean to be rude but just avoiding quick conclusions from newcomers. Pivx suffers just enough from these type of misunderstandings.

→ @cryptocentaur HI. "Not Yet Redeemed", what is the problem? If that TX has been confirmed in the block is there. "Redeemed" only refers to the receiver having moved the funds or not.

MEET A PIVIAN: STRONTIUM He was brought on as a software QA tester bu started to work on things like websites, document writing, copy or line editing, marketing art, business development, brand awareness efforts, and more. "This was in November 2017 when PIVX’s Sieres (a close friend of mine) encouraged me to look into joining PIVX. I think it was the ‘join’ and not ‘buy’ that sold me in the end, as it stood for something beyond profit. The fire of his passion caught hold, and now I’m assimilated and keeping it purple!" #PIVXNews

Recently hacked Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck will end trading for four privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies, Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Dash (DASH), and Augur (REP), Cointelegraph Japan reported May 18.

→ Tim The file wallet.dat is encrypted. I personally re-encrypted twice (so encrypted 3 times). The changes of anybody getting access to it are pretty slim IMO. I'm also talking about proper FOSS based clouds, where only you have access to your data as it's encrypted on your side before being sent, possibly using a platform neutral client, like Cryptomator. BTW, I'm not talking using the cloud as your only backup but as part of a multiple set of backups. The first backup to disappear for any reason must be subbed asap. Sounds complicated but it's not if it's organized properly. Once set, backups take few minutes to update, when necessary.

SECURE PIVX MASTERNODE TOOL Cold storage on Ledger for your MN collateral. #PIVXNews #PIVXWallet
PIVX CAN NOW BE TRADED ON OPENBAZAAR! By Allard van Erven A brief review of PIVX's recent integration with OpenBazaar. "Vendors on the OpenBazaar platform are now able to use a new listing type to sell cryptocurrencies. They can choose from a select number of cryptocurrencies and PIVX is one of them!" #PIVXNews

May I talk to someone in charge of marketing please ? I would like to discuss about eventual collaboration. Ben from Cryptomaniaks

I WAS LUCKY TO GET A BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK AT CUTTING EDGE PIVX CODE by Valderrama "During the Chainges blockchain conference in Amsterdam I had the pleasure to meet some of the amazing PIVX core developers in person." #PIVXNews
PIVX EVENTS NOW AVAILABLE ON COINDAR "PIVX became one of the most progressive cryptocurrencies, by opening their branch on . Now you will receive the events of PIVX first-hand." #PIVXNews
Ryan in Siam
What's the Dandelion protocol? Can you tell us more?

It's a crypto protocol that hides node IPs from Masternodes.

→ @cryptocentaur RE: MN Online I emailed them few days ago but no reply yet. Would be good if other people email them as well.

→ @cryptocentaur Cancel that ⬆️. They haven't bother to reply but they did change it. The ROI seems correct now. 🙏🏽

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT A user named "Chris Maxwell" is harvesting contact information from crypto group chats and proposing a business deal to users privately. He claims to be working as a "mining strategist" for a "team". His English is terrible, and he talks in circles, avoiding questions. His proposal is that you mine with his team, take 40% daily, and then give 10% back to his team. Be sure to report this user as spam when you receive messages from him. (@WIPGio, hope this is okay to post!)

CRYPTO BRIEFING: PIVX NOT TO BE IGNORED "PIVX isn’t just a copy of the other masternode coins" [...] the real innovation is in Privacy. PIVX has two tiers of currency: a regular coin for every day transactions, and the fully-anonymous zPIV for private transactions. You can even stake zPIV, making PIVX the first privacy-centric coin to do so. Also, PIVX is one of the only tokens left on the market that announces itself with a “manifesto“. That’s cool." Editor note: PIVX is not a token. #PIVXNews

I'm seeing something odd. If I open pivx-qt my balance will be a ridiculously high number. Something like 90,000+. Thought I had forked, but my block hash is correct. I checked with both presstab and cryptoid. I closed pivx-qt and ran just the daemon. When I check my balance in the cli, the returned value is correct.