If anyone lives in China close to Hong Kong I can help to be a "bridge" to buy and sell cryptos (especially PIVX of course) let me know if it helps someone of the people here.

CRYPTOBASIC INTERVIEW WITH BRYAN As anticipated last Mon, the Cryptobasic Podcast team has interviewed Bryan Doreian (Snappy). Enjoy! #PIVXNews
COINOMI WALLET ON APP STORE! Coinomi mobile app it's famous for supporting a good numberl of cryptocurrencies, among which PIVX, but until today it was only available for Android. Now the IPhone users can rejoice 😉. Coinomi & PIVX are available for them as well! #PIVXNews #PIVXWallet

It is hard to keep calm in the cryptocurrencies market

→@ONeZetty Free for spammers, meanwhile Twitter wants to ban cryptocurrencies. 😉

MEET A PIVIAN: VITALIK In the community he's known as CryptoVitality. He works with the Translation Team and run the PIVX Russian Twitter Account. #PIVXNews

→fs He's one of the most important figure in the PIVX community. He's doing tremendous work with his videos (PIVX Press, DYK) but also marketing PIVX directly at conferences and talking with othesr in the cryptosphere. He has a family with children but I know he sleeps very little and I personally haven't seen many people working as much as him in our community....and getting as many results as he does. No, he did not say that. Also, you need to check what a "roadmap" is. Finally, companies have other agendas. They want their PR to be untouched and are not against making sacrifices. We are not. Why on earth should we release something when we've found something wrong at the last min?

Its not only pivx gio its a problem of cryptocurrency none coin has ever have made the release date

CRYPTO 101 INTERVIEWS BRYAN DOREIAN (SNAPPY What are privacy coins? Are some privacy coins really more “private” than others? And, isn’t the whole point of cryptocurrency to be transparent of open? In this episode of CRYPTO 101 Matthew Aaron chats with Snappy Snap of PIVX to get some of those answers and see what their take is on privacy. #PIVXNews

→Tim Hi Tim. We have received few requests on the following, if you don't mind to comment. There seem to be a trend from govs and institutions around the world to trace crypto TX. USA seem to be on a track to link every possible TX to someone. This would be a good push for PIVX. However, govs might likely decide to cut the problem at the root by banning any privacy coin TX (ie. exchanges and legit companies). PIVX would survive as we already have our own ways of exchanging it coming up (ie. zDEX and Unity). However, first if that was illegal, legit people would keep away from it. Even if they would not, PIVX price would have no reference, not being on any exchange. Any comment.

→Tom Thank You for trying to provide us with a good article. However the article ( "Mining A Serious Threat to Crypto, but PIVX Is Already Three Steps Ahead" ) was already published here on the 4th April and it's also available on the blog.

CRYPTOCANDOR: PRIVACY COINS COMPARED Renowed YouTuber (her channel has almost 11k subscribers) compared the best known privacy coins out there....including PIVX, of course. We disagree that DASH is a privacy coin but that aside, she usually put some hard work into her research. Worth listening to. #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo
INTRODUCING THE TOKEN TV PLUS+ Podcast The Cryptocurrency world over the past few months due to the price hikes has attracted lots of content, which has to lead to a lot of scams and FUD. In Token TV Plus+, Bill Cassidy and Ravi P break down compelling issues relating to bitcoin, blockchain technology, ripple, litecoin, ethereum, altcoins, token generation events, and initial coin offerings (ICOs) through expert interviews and discussions. Telegram: Website: WATCH OR LISTEN ON: YouTube: SoundCloud: iTunes: Spotify:
MEET A PIVIAN: DARIO Dario, known in the community as....Dario (surprise🙈), is involved in the preparation of the newsletters. He also runs a staking group. #PIVXNews

A question to the crypto oldies in here.. is the market every year like that?

Not every year, no.

Oh okee.. wow 2016 was also a big pump in crypto! Lucky you guys :)

Golden Wings
Unfortunately based on my observation PIVX and every other coin is related to BTC. I don’t understand why, but it is. At least for now...

Good morning golden :) I think @WIPGio told me ones that we are not related to BTC. It was more in general that a lot of money went out of crypto, not only because BTC went down. But thats only my opinion.. who the f** am i? Just a other guy that believes in PIVX :D

No, we are not related to BTC but the market follows its own dynamics. Big numbers come from those who see cryptos as a big pool where to move their money. Unfortunately, being able to buy PIVX directly wont' change that much because Coinmarketcap (et al) won't include zDEX or Unity or Anycoin Direct into their price calculations. Having said that, we have seen that last year, the very first year of PIVX (with that name, at least), it grew more than any other coin bar one. I think I said this hundred times in the past: in order to have a solid, resilient project you do NOT want PIVX to grow too much too fast. You want slow, paced growth. IMO, of course.

→Jolly_Jumper Those showing an average market price (ie. Coinmarketcap or Coincheckup) use big exchanges to calculate the rates. Everything comes from there. BTC was the first crypto. It's an historical path that has lead exchanges to adopt it as coin of reference....and the traders followed. Anycoindirect sells and buy. They should have their own float to start with and then it's balanced with buyers/sellers TXs.

PIVX BLOG: JONATHAN BOOTLE INTERVIEW One of our content creators, Robert Devoe (optical88), did a quick Q&A with Jonathon Bootle, one of two cryptographers on our team. Here’s the outcome of that encounter – Enjoy! #PIVXNews

There is a mountain of spam and scam on social media when it comes to crypto related topic. We have to put out lots of content to counter-act.

So that newbies searching for info on crypto and privacy will naturally find PIVX.

Forget about staking on a Pi. I don't get why anyone would do that except they are dead cheap and already around. These devices are made for hobbyists, not staking crypto.

→@KristenColwell HI. The zDex and Unity will solve these issues. The first is planned after June. With the delays with the current update it might be after July, not sure. This will allow users to buy PIVX directly within the client in the zPIV fashion (=anonymously). The second is planned for end of year...more or less. I think now all deadlines will be scrapped for % progress. Anyhow, this will allow to buy PIVX as wells as other cryptos in the Localbitcoin fashion, so with minimal or no KYC at all. For right now, the best way is to use So, for instance, you can buy BTC via Localbitcoin or Paxful anonymously and then convert via, again, anonymously. is totally anonymous, no registration, no KYC. Lastly, a bit more laborious, there's Bisq. Again, minimal details exchanged. It allows P2P, decentralized BTC trade with FIAT as base currencies or P2P, decentralized altcoins trade with BTC, DASH and Litecoin as base currencies. Also, there are other P2P decentralized exchanges that do not require KYC. We list all exchanges on our Mainboard. There's been one added just today. Hope it helps.

Karega McCoy
I knew it was a mistake buying this coin. It is shit. You can't even reuse the addresses.

What are you talking about? Which crypto let’s you “forget” your passphrase? Or are able to assist you in recovering it? Impossible. Learn more about crypto before getting into it.

I think the crypto world will quickly begin selecting for trustless, decentralised exchange solutions and centralised trading will go away mostly.

MEET A PIVIAN: LUCCA Lucca, known in the community as Gets, is a PIVX ambassador in Netherlands. Here's interviewed by Velderrama. #PIVXNews

→Eric Hi. If you are in PIVX for the privacy part (as well as for anything else) than I do not see why using Discord.....albeit I respect that the CT for some reason have decided to use that platform. Indeed, with so many opensource standards, I do not understand why the CT decided to go for Discord when leaving Slack in the first place. We have a powerful open standard (ie. Matrix) which is used by many clients (ie. Riot, Thunderbird etc.). I find it sad that we are becoming so aware with privacy and then trow everything away by going to private companies to manage our conversations. Telegram is just a way in the middle. It's still not fully open but the founder has promised to release all code eventually and it has already released some. Aside from that, Telegram looks to me just more convenient and faster. We are looking for alternatives as well. Possibly Tox, Riot etc. Something as decentralized as possible and opensource, of course but we are also facing the dilemma that most crypto followers are on Telegram.

→@KristenColwell They tried to ban Telegram due to being the motherland of crypto and ICO communications....although officially they say that it's because of Terrorists using it. So far, they've been unsuccessful.

MEETUP IN SHANGHAI This a proposal for a MeetUp on Mon 30th April. #PIVXNews
MEETUP IN BAVARO (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) This MeetUp is scheduled for 7th May. #PIVXNews

!Alert! I’ve come across a few people reporting they have been scammed on localbitcoins selling crypto and getting paid in PayPal. They will pay you, then when they get your BTC, they reverse their paypal payment, and paypal will reimburse them which is following their policy. Becareful out there...

PIVX MEETUP IN AMSTERDAM PIVX and beyond. 3rd MAY. Places still available. #PIVXNews

PIVX MN rewards are difficult to estimate. Right now the above value may hold true but with the introduction of zDEX there'll be additional benefits (ie. fees gather from trades). Also, a reminder that this is a PIVX group, not DASH or general crypto. 😉.

No doubt that it's moving forward. One just need to look at GitHub or the MN proposals. Maybe some people might have even missed the news that possibly the most famous privacy-focused crypto contacted one of our cryptographers to improve their own privacy. Good for cooperation but it also says about the seriousness of this project. Wallet expected.....suspence.😜

→CryptoDoll Thank You.

I'm not actually a big part of the crypto community here. Just a member of a few telegram chats. He's popular in them. Glad to see Snappy anywhere though

PIVX CLASS EP20: HOW TO MAKE SOLID INVESTMENTS ON CRYPTO Some advice on investing in the crypto jungle. Not aimed at any particular coin. #PIVXNews
Hi guys! We will be attending Chainges Conference in Amsterdam at May 4th-5th. It is going to be one of the biggest blockchain & crypto event that will gather over 60 speakers, partners and experts from around the world. It is a great opportunity to meet us and build some new relations! Pivx team is going to be there too! PM me for details! Get your ticket here: