@crypto5432 the block reward for a MN is stable. But it depends on the miner. You get either 2 or 3 pivx.

you're right. And i sure don't like many of these crypto media platforms. They're getting to be like mainstream media.

well you can try every password that comes to your mind or you use a computer which tries every password combination. But this may takes forever. If you can remember parts of the password, this would makes it easier, but chances are not verry good if you choose a strong password

That ok thanks for trying I only have a couple of hundred in it so not the end of the world lol - Have gotten carried away buying so many different cryptos so many wallets but are setting up a ledger for storing all pass words / Phrases

Good afternoon, I'm Anthony, I'm from Venezuelan, I know over Cryptocurrency, I know a litter over PIVX, I think to realice presentation of PIVX in Venezuela.

Pivx Bot
Price for 1 PIVX $ 0.97 / 0.84 €

The market it's very down in to all Crypto, is amazing because this price is very down on this moment, I hope up. I hope again 3$ for each PIVX

@CryptoLex75 quit it

The only issue in crypto is that this environment is tricky for most and for those who have already gone through the learning curve they get frustrated by those who are genuinely just trying to figure what the hell crypto is all about.

because at the start crypto is hard

when crypto is easy it's time to get out

and look for crypto 2.0

We can be nice and helpful to each other so we can all learn and enjoy this tech.

i agree, crypto has a bright future - but can be a little frustrating and daunting so it's fair to help

Zetty Deschain
Mmm looks like a cheap marketing to increase the traffic to the website

Thanks for the positivism :) Of course it is marketing but I am not sure whether to call In cheap. This voting rounds are anyways always opportunities to show the strength of the Pivx community to other crypto enthusiasts and in this case it is an exchange primarily targeting master node coins and the investors within those fall within our target group.

I noticed coins value depreciates at night but Gain few $$ during day... night time is best time to buy, if you trade crypto currency....noticed that about coins like pivx, ether, zil and CND

And people refresh their crypto histories

Thanks to all the crypto community of Colombia for the great welcome we received in our first PIVX MeetUp 💜🇨🇴

hello! As I see the most attractive price of PIVX is on CoinExchange today. Has anybody worked with this exchange? How is it? I get used to work Cryptopia – there also listed MGO (MobileGo), which price is rising fast now. But I’d like to know about the condition of exchange on CoinExchange if somebody has tried it.

I remember inone coin I was looking at, iota I think, its recommended to only spend from a number once. everything either goes to the producer of the product your buying or to a remainder number that you own. The wallet takes care of this. Its some limitation/characteristic of the crypto math. Does PIVX have any such concerns?

Private Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange zDEX to launches #PIVXNews
hello guysI am doing a short survey about the masternode system in crypto can you share with me your experience in the masternode system ?Would you mind using 2 min of your time to do a short survey?We are a team trying to do some research on the masternode market.
Private Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange zDEX to launches #PIVXNews

{\__/} Dear crypto ,( • . •) When $PIVX moon? / >📝 Love, ONeZetty

thanks, I've added tipbot to my research list. do you have good examples, and are there different kinds of tipbots

tipbots are just machines you can exchange tips (in crypto) through on various platforms like reddit or telegran

You all should start Cleaning up this chat if you want you investment to grow. I used to love this chat. Now its pathetic. PIVX still great project. But this team needs to get more professional especially as regulations come in you guys will be considered a cryptocurrency not a security Now utility but an actual currency and you're going to have the most regulations haha good luck team cleaning up your closet
Bobby Axelrod
This great news for the market guys.

No sure, Bitcoin start trying to get out of the bank system, now we are trying to get in the crypto in the bank system.

The Fast and the Frictionless: Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange with Shakepay – Techvibes

Looks like both block explorers (presstab & cryptoid) are down.

Is PIVX dead?

Yes, everything is dead, sell all your cryptos and back to fiat....