Phil ← There's a common consensus that PIVX is very much undervalued.

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Coins should be on same adres or?

Which same address? Coins can be in any address but must be in PIVs not zPIVs. There's no real consensus in this but somebody's hypothesis is that it's better to consolidate the PIVs.

Cosmin Wow....they've grown up! Tx for the news. It can go two ways now: 1) No reason to keep buying (and holding BTC) as there's no going to be a fork-reward. Hence, people sell....either going back to FIAT or back to altcoins or both. 2) The statemente strenghten the BTC reputation and build consensus among investors. Hence, people buy even more BTC.....though, this should come form outsite the crypto-markets, which means market caps going up. Either way, this is good news.....for the crypto-world in general.

@Kartikshgl Hi. Common consensus is that PIVX is very much undervalued.

Yes, there should be a system which can fuck those cryptoscams sites. A distributed LOIC driven by an algorithm based on consensus rules that when reaches a quorum destroys via DDoS the target

Alright everyone. I wanted to post a message about starting a fundraiser to send me to Consensus in New York May 14-16 2018. It is an expensive conference. 3000 USD just for entry ticket. Then airfare and hotel will run about another 2000 USD. I can pay for the food and drinks at meetings to help PIVX, of which I have about 6 lined up right now with exchanges and services. We are going to have our logo all over the official Consensus closing party, I pulled some strings and got this free of charge. . This is an amazing opportunity for PIVX and I believe we need to seize it. Consensus is one of the best and largest and networking opportunity is unparalleled. I have made this address to raise funds - DH1uziA4zLAnFoHLZDtBZxKriD6sPJJ4AZ for PIVX and 3PcpWS7FxANnwARdyEFQ5mLXVrt1TxGrdU for BTC - Every bit helps, and let's pool funds to have a chance to rep PIVX at Consensus in May :)

I want to say thanks to everyone again, we raised the funds for Consensus this year. Going to get some great things done there for PIVX :)

Pivx are go to consensus

Yes I will be at consensus


So, in PoW, often we see centralisation of wealth and hashrate and therefore control of consensus.

I'm just in bed. I'm at consensus in New York. I can take a look in the morning. 3:30 am here at the moment

PIVXPRESS: CONSENSUS, JAXX & PRIVACY MATRIX Host Bryan (Snappy) of PIVX discusses: - Consensus Event & Jaxx - Privacy Matrix by turtleflax - Why PIVX website - Developer Updates #PIVXNews #PIVXpress
PoS ALLIANCE TO IMPROVE AND PROMOTE THE CONSENSUS MECHANISM. PIVX's and oher devs are cooperating in this cross-project alliance. #PIVXNews