so funny dashers getting defensive about open source competition.

I would like to ask, what do ppl make on other privacy coins competition

It looks like NAV pretty much just mixes transactions. Pretty basic. PIVX has an improved implementation of Zerocoin protocol.

They just don’t like competition :-)

→ @ethbitsMarketingPR Do you mean staking rewards? Ultimately, it should be. There's a lot of testing to be done in the network as a whole which is only possible with everybody using it for awhile. Theoretically, you should be receiving 50% more. You will per single rewards (3zPIVs vs 2PIVs) but the question will be if those will be coming as often....especially now that there are less people with PIVs, thus less competition.

→ @Ckcryptoinvest This is still being observed as there are different possibilities. You have to keep this in mind: * Lower denominations might be in higher number, thus more competition. This is only a rule of thumb, though. * When getting rewarded, your denomination will be frozen until 200 confirmations are reached....meaning for over 3hrs.

BRYAN "SNAPPY" DOREIAN DISCUSSES THE LATEST PIVX NEWS IN INTERVIEW WITH THE CRYPTO LARK By Bryan "Snappy" Doreian A recap of the recent interview between The Crypto Lark and Bryan "Snappy" Doreian. "The Crypto Lark had a follow-up interview with “Snappy” Bryan Doreian from PIVX to discuss the latest news from PIVX, 51% attacks, privacy coin bans, private smart contract platform competition, and so much more!" #PIVXNews

→ jIMMY » not a reversal to a bull market Hi. Which reversal at all? I can only see it stopped going down. 😜 It happened with BTC for two years and it was even worse (albeit less competition then) but most crypto holders today aren't that patient.

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"As long as they keep their zPIV as optional, we will know that they are not as serious about privacy as we would like them to be. Their one true competition is Monero. If they do not go private by default by the end of this year, we can consider PIVX not to be serious about privacy." this is from the dollar Vigalante.

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Ok. How much confirmations input needs to start stake? Also can i really stake just one coin?

Upon unlocking of wallet it starts to stake after a while, you may check the status from cli (can't remember if the command is getstakingstatus) Yes, even 1 piv is good but you're essentially in (random) competition with everyone else so your chances may be lower. You could check older blocks and see what amount of pivs led to a mint