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Can't wait until pivx also has BP! :)

Yeah. I think we'd likely see the following:Slightly slower zPIV spend (maybe 10-30 seconds more depending on PC?)Lower transaction size (5-50% maybe?)Lower blockchain storage size (close to the same as tx size)

Luckily, we have blockchain pruning on our roadmap

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After being a longterm pivx holder I got out.Reasons being.- Support on website didnt help me fix my problems. No replies for months.- Client keeps closing out of nowhere.- Never ever been able to get zpiv staking.- Staking rewards are too low- client usage is very user unfriendly- balance +/ - dont show up well after minting zpiv back and forth.- overall unstability and needing to resync and download the blockchain data over and over again loosing time and stakes.I hope this comment can help the team improve this product.I lost faith in the product.Wish you all good luck

Hello guys, where can i download the latest blockchain snapshot for pivx masternode?

PIVX Blockchain Snapshotshttp://

yes there are instructions. but about the download of the blockchain on the server is nothing to find.

nobody can send the github link for download the blockchain? 😁

its not for download the wallet. its for download the blockchain on my server.

its not for download the wallet. its for download the blockchain on my server.

Oh ok. No PIVX core? Just download the snapshot. It's the entire blockchain.

don´t know how to do. with zcoin, zen, smart etc i haven´t this problems. there i can use the github link for download the blockchain on my server.


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Zetty Deschain
Use the is a calculator in this website

I know the calculator. I would like to read the reward by script without the whole blockchain. Do you know what i mean?

In read only you can access any wallet

I'm sure a piven but i would like to determine the annual return of investment of serveral coins too. To determine the annual reward of each coin I have to download each blockchain. To avoid this I would like to use external services. I hope it became understandable.

Currently syncing the blockchain.. I'll be back in a few days 😉