But zDEX is being built and soon everyone will be able to transact bitcoin etc directly through zpiv

Have the devs made a statement yet on whether PIVX is vulnerable to the recent Bitcoin DoS/Inflation bug? I notice Dash fixed that bug a few days ago.

PIVX was branched from Bitcoin before 0.14

It's like how Litecoin is a software fork of Bitcoin but a fresh ledger.

Hello. Where can I buy PIVX by Master Card ??

I'm not too sure. You can buy Bitcoin or something else and exchange for PIV no problem.

I want to buy Bitcoin

BIP44 is a bitcoin improvement proposal that defines a standard method for deriving many keys for different uses from a single mnemonic seed in an organized way. ... Each child key itself can also be used to generate grandchild keys of the master, creating a tree like structure with multiple generations of child keys.

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My interview about Bitcoin for the the Cancun's magazine Latitud21 it was published today.
Hmm I would like to know more about the mechanism of downloads - obviously not all the downloaded data is stored in blockchain - perhaps compressed? 🤷🏼‍♂️

We're entering an area of ignorance for me so probably DYOR or defer to the experts. If it's like Bitcoin, each staker would have to receive all transaction data. PIVX core would then create a valid block and block hash. During this time, the Core clients are delaying information about the network. I'd guess that transaction data + network information + relaying accepted block > final data added to the chain. That makes a lot of sense to me but there are 3 white papers from PoSv1, 2 and 3 + the newly released PIVX Whitepaper. They will probably have more accurate information 👍

Eventough the zerocoin protocol was never implemented on bitcoin this can technically be used in the same way by converting btc to zPiV sending it to someone who can convert back to any new btc address.

Remember though, PIVX has a governance system. Masternodes can vote which distributes political power in a special way.

need to understand the difference between pos and pow in terms of decentralization. do you know any good articles? right now the most decentral blockchain is bitcoin though right? thats why its also the slowest (kinda?) :D

No ICO, no airdrop, is 100% organic, old fashion, Bitcoin style coin.

Does anybody know if the zdex will be able to use an spv bitcoin wallet?

1.39 in 2021 is Bitcoin inflation, not PIVX

I see... Why will pivx suddenly drop to 1.39% starting 2021?

Bitcoin block reward halves, which will reduce new coin mints. PIVX on the other hand, has a consistent block reward. What makes it different is that all transaction fees are burned (removed from circulation). Given enough transaction volume, total number of PIV/zPIV can decrease.

PIVX percentage continues to drop as estimated coin supply increases. Unlike Bitcoin and some others, PIVX annual inflation percentages are estimated, because coin supply isn't hard coded and depends on transaction volume.

Thanks, one article said that there is a 1GB of data to download when a wallet is first started. I remember the early bitcoin days when I downloaded a few GB of data to setup a node then it was many GBs . Is PIVX going to have the same scaling problem. Will it soon take 10GB to get started?

We don't usually recommend raspi anymore. You'll most likely need 4 cores and 2GB+ RAM.

The raspberry PI is the 3B model with 4 cores but only a GB of real memory. would a swap file allow it to work. It uses very little power compared to the tower so I really want to make sure its not being used for a good reason. Its got a 16GB Sdcard so space should not be a problem. I was attracted to PIVX becaus of the low cost claims but I'm not calibrated as to what low cost is. I was comparing it to the bitcoin world and what happen to that.

I'm trying to understand and get calibrated on transaction cost. iota has none, bitcoin seems high and all I can find on pivx is that its low. I've already been caught on bitcoin by spending time to get some bitcoin on a faucet only to find out that they are paying way below the transaction cost and the time of zero cost transaction has past. What is the smallest spend amout on pivx where i will still have something when it arrives at the new address.

Is this coin still relevant? The only reason is I purchased a wile back and forgot about. after doing a bunch of research it doesn’t seem like there is a good case for the use of PIVX. Compare to Montero or z cash or bitcoin... Can someone help with better research data. It seems it fell from top 10 to top 100.

Christopher Krueger
Is this coin still relevant? The only reason is I purchased a wile back and forgot about. after doing a bunch of research it doesn’t seem like there is a good case for the use of PIVX. Compare to Montero or z cash or bitcoin... Can someone help with better research data. It seems it fell from top 10 to top 100.

We try not to compare but those are all PoW. PoW has poorly-aligned incentives when multiple currencies are GPU-mineable. Bitcoin is safe from this but there's a problem with an ever increasing power-requirement.Zcash is gives 10% of the PoW block reward to investors, founders and developers. PIVX is sorta like Dash (democratic funding) + Zcash (zero-knowledge proofs) + Blackcoin (PoSv3) + Monero (tail emission + elastic blocks + incoming I2P integration) + killer community (ambassadors, active members, DAO-funded projects) and reliable, innovative developers who have repeatedly unveiled completely new innovations eg. zPoS.PIVX has scalable privacy and high security regardless of how the computational landscape might change as well as a proven commitment to innovation.

another beginner question; I dont mean to sound parinoid, I'm just checking my understanding; If a public/private pair is created offline and the public number can have tokens sent to it but for someone to check the balance the they would need to enter the private number into some client, right? This is one of the major differences from bitcoin right? If the private number of lost then then those tokens are lost but since the network has inflation its not determintal to the network. in BTC the number of availabe tokens is decreased permently.

Hello everybody! Is there any other option to check the correct chain except ?

Dash Stress Test Passes 3 Million Transactions, Smashes Bitcoin Cash Record by Nearly 50% | Dash Force News
Bitcoin Private vs Monero vs Dash vs Zcash vs Verge vs Pirate - Privacy Coin Overview Pt 1 of 5 - YouTube
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This great news for the market guys.

No sure, Bitcoin start trying to get out of the bank system, now we are trying to get in the crypto in the bank system.

Is its chain and coding similar to DASH and Monero?

So, Dash and Monero are PoW.Monero has a tail emission of 0.6XMR per block. This means miners are always incentivised to verify transactions even if fees are low.PIVX also has a tail emission which is the current phase. This is because we are PoS.PIVX is a fork of Dash which I believe is a fork of Litecoin which is a fork of Bitcoin. We utilise code from a huge range of currencies including Zerocoin.We have no smart contracts haha.