app See if you can figure out how often you should get paid approximately.

I think there's a misconception here. How does one see Vitalik as "pro"? Through his appearance or his code/system architecture? No one cares about his race, age, his avatar on GitHub or his shirt. They care about his expertise and brilliant code.

Was a msg for you, he apparently can't initiate dm

New daily format here guys would appreciate some love and feedback on the video comments, if you would be so kind:

I'm happy with my zPIVs :D

will it be a sepparate app?

Is is a whole different app that is only using PIVX network for transactions.

how will the app interact with the wallet? Will you have to send piv to dex itself?

@ONeZetty do you think it would be possible if you appear in playboy magazine promoting pivx?

i wish that happens

Andrej Ders
as I say that is about 2-4 time more than other walets

You see, I run a Monero node too. It's much larger in storage (10-20x larger) and transactions cost around 10-1000x more and half as fast. There's a lot to compare but needless to say, I run both. This is the cost of privacy. I happily pay that cost. The things I spend money on are my business. The things like care about and love are private until I say otherwise.

Is there any Admin available to answer my question?

It's unclear how many updates will happen per year. We don't have a set schedule. System requirements will probably depend on what features you select for the Masternode. Probably starting at around 4 cores, 4GB RAM. I could be wrong here but I'd guess that if you opt-in for zDEX, requirements would be higher and if you support mobile wallets as a trusted node, perhaps higher. I'm not a Masternode owner nor a dev so perhaps someone else can comment.

@Mongke The only way to join chats in this app is via QR and they expire after 7 days, which is pretty annoying

It should be in library, application support, PIVX

I'm not sure why it would be in any wallet apart from PIVX but I could be wrong.

zDEX will be 100% standalone app, and it will NOT be part of the PIVX core wallet. It has actually no relation with PIVX at all except the fact it will use PIVX masternode network and zPIVs for anonimity. zDEX is separate project and 100% funded by s3v3n (PIVX founder) Whitepaper will get updated once more details about zDEX get released within a couple days.

What usually happens with the coin price just after it get listed on Bithumb?

PIVX does certainly appeal to criminals to some degree with it's features. So it does to freedom fighters and unbanked people.

Dex happening this fri?

If you have any recommendations for the subtitles, I really appreciate your comments.

I love a good appreciation of death

just to report the download app link dont do anything, but the exchange link at the bottom works

Why no HTTPS?

In the desktop app or the website?


I represent the Russian-language news portal happycoin(.)clubMy goal is this: we are looking for information partners and are interested in providing our community with interesting material. In my opinion, PIVX is a very interesting project and I would like to take for example an interview with some of the team members. Can we do that?

Few notes on zDEX alpha (testnet):1. We expect alpha to last approx. 2 weeks before it is switched to low-volume beta on PIVX mainnet.2. Main objective during alpha period is to stress test its trading engine.Please visit the website for more about zDEX:

We don't usually recommend raspi anymore. You'll most likely need 4 cores and 2GB+ RAM.

The raspberry PI is the 3B model with 4 cores but only a GB of real memory. would a swap file allow it to work. It uses very little power compared to the tower so I really want to make sure its not being used for a good reason. Its got a 16GB Sdcard so space should not be a problem. I was attracted to PIVX becaus of the low cost claims but I'm not calibrated as to what low cost is. I was comparing it to the bitcoin world and what happen to that.

Is this memory requirement going to continue to climb. How long will my old 2GB machine be useful?

Not sure. I don't know what will happen once bulletproofs are integrated. It might increase and it might decrease. Blockchain size will decrease not sure about memory.

16GB is better than 2GB. There is no difference between 16GB and 8 GB. Not sure if 8 is better than 4.

This has been very helpful thankyou. I have lots more to learn but first I need to get a wallet either the core or the light. The core will take all night to load and I cant figure out how to start the light. its a jar file and the standard java -jar incantation gives me Error: Could not find or load main class tech.furszy.MainApp
Zetty Deschain
PIVX have an official mobile wallet.

I've been trying to download the moble wallet. I get a java jar file but i've been unable to run it. java -jar filename.jar incantation gives me Error: Could not find or load main class tech.furszy.MainApp. How did you get it to work?

Idex will introduce full kyc. How will zdex prevent this situation?

Essentially, zDEX and the PIVX core client are open-source. Anyone can fork the code repositories. Even then, Masternode owners democratically appoint our developers. Not that it would ever happen but zDEX and Masternodes could be run on a cloned version of the code and developers could stop receiving funding. People could cease to update if the client pushes KYC. I'm not sure how idex can be decentralised like zDEX but also have KYC. Sounds a bit poo 😝


Hope so otherwise its not open to the broader public, many people use either windows or an apple. Linux is more used by tech savy people.

thanks, I'll have to readup on bootstrap and snapshot, I didnt realize there was a difference. I thought you bootstraped with a snapshot.

Haha yeah. The terminology is fun. You're not "snapshotting" with a snapshot but you're bootstrapping with a bootstrap. I don't know what you'd call applying a snapshot.

If they don't appear soon, we can run through missing zPIV troubleshooting steps

Does anyone know of a python wrapper library for working with core wallet. I'm afraid my C++ is a little out dated right now. If not I may have to school myself in modern C++😊

Friend, don't thrash talk. Be polite. Look at people here trying to help you and appreciate it. Your problem will be resolved it just needs some of your dedication and patience.

The question is stake piv or zpiv

🤔 I stake zPIV even if I don't win the reward, I happy to help with the anonymity. 😎

$PIVX appears to have everything a good coin would

Sebi p
dont forget the inflation, although nobody likes it, its important for a currency

Very true! Great low capped supply too at what, 56 million PIVX approximately?