LDC should have been this July

Deadlines were scrapped to ensure quality

John 🐉
Any idea about the wallet minting thingy?

Just leave the wallet running. It's low CPU and memory. Earn between 5-13% approximately per year.

Yes, PIV is sorta like BTC; transparent. zPIV is sorta like Monero; private. In both cases, PIVX is actually different, expecially fees and speed.

okok... So the current POS happen on Desktop wallet where i have to stake my PIV to mint more mini PIV. Can i use a VPS to run the Desktop wallet instead of having a computer running 24/7?

More Wanna know about the International Blockchain Congress that is going to happen in India! Read here 👉

Since dzPIV, if that happens, just run through troubleshooting steps for "zPIV missing"

just wondering what will happen with zdex

thats why the convo above may appear like nonsense

Any pivx Android application

how do you get it

You make it using the PIVX core client, and hopefully soon even the mobile app on android.

Yes essentiall you can turn your PIV into zPIV and wipe all previous transaction history from the standard PIV. There is a small conversion fee, but 1PIV pretty much turns into 1zPIV. You can transfer this PIV into zPIV in different denominations to help with the anonymity and creation costs. The remaining piv that isnt sent in the "wrapped" denomination is sent back to your own wallet as regular piv with no previous tx history.

Monty G
Do zPIVs carry their own history of their life as zPIVs?

Once spent, zPIV will convert to regular piv. But they will appear in the recieving wallet with no history. From there they are able to live a fufilling life as standard piv, that is... untill somone turns them into zPIV again.

thought there might be something happening with a PoS alliance / but guess im wrong

Hello. I have a question. The mechanism of distribution of the commission during the transaction. To whom and how much does the commission charge for the transaction?

The regular fee in transfer is "0.0001 PIV", but that is in the oficials wallets, the exchanges can apply more fees and comisions, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Yeah, you can complaint... and still nothing will happend 😆

Zetty Deschain
If you are afraid to lose then you break the first trading rule.

Totally agree :) like i said: i understand both sides! But at the moment im just happy to be able to buy so cheap pivx.. and then.. even more cheap.. so im ok ;)

It happened to me because windows shut down the computer randomly

N.K.Narula @nknarula
it's running fine on another system so im going to redo it and see how that goes

Oh, cool. You could just make your own snapshot from the other system and apply it on this system.

It's pure masternode coin or some dev can build dApp with smart contract in PIVX blockchain?

My wallet is showing me 20 000 balance when I'm supposed to have just 10 000. Why is that happening? Redownloaded the chain and reindexed, but still its the same

Any ideas what happened?

Hello, everyone. In the log file (debug log) there is such an error ERROR: CheckBlock (): Could not find masternode / budget payment. Can someone help me? What's happend? Thank you in advance.

I think a big problem is that most of the press content is very uninspiring. Snappy just waves his hands around without giving any impression of a visionary.

Yeah, it appears like it wasn't a scam. It was a 500 PIV giveaway to celebrate PIVX being listed on the exchange

WoW...the mkt is killing our coin......what is happening?

@Whatusername it’s a web app platform. Will be released Monday or Tuesday!

Regarding an IOS app..I read that one has been rejected. Has any thought been given to doing a PWA version? That is basically a web based version that can act like a native app and be installed as an icon. NavCoin has a PWA ios wallet that would been a good example.

PWA apps can be nice. No need for app store approval. Just install the icon right from a web site and go. But yeah, hopefully the native crypto apps can start getting approved.

I think its progressive web app

Kevin (a6) Patch
Its a way to immediately have what acts exactly like a native iOS wallet, installable as an icon on your phone. Its an option.

Fortnite really made a name for PWA recently. Coinomi is good app, but support for zPIV minting will most likely not be adopted by them at least in the immediate future. I'll bring the idea up on discord to @furszy if you havnt already.

@a6patch If you havn't already, check out the #pivx_Development channel on the PIVX Discord (linked below). This response was given to the inquiry about PWA by @btc247: the PWA approach for ios might cause headaches. If data is purged after a few weeks... "Limitations compared with native iOS apps The app can store offline data and files only up to 50 Mb If the user doesn’t use the app for a few weeks, iOS will free up the app’s files. The icon will still be there on the home screen, and when accessed the app will be downloaded again No access to some features, such as Bluetooth, serial, Beacons, Touch ID, Face ID, ARKit, altimeter sensor, battery information No access to execute code while in the background No access to private information (contacts, background location) and also no access to native social apps No access to In App Payments and many other Apple-based services On iPad, no access to work with Side or Split Views sharing the screen with other apps, PWAs will always take the whole screen No Push Notifications, no icon badge or Siri integration"

It appears that he did not referance his source, but I will give him the courtesy.

So it seems that zerocoin is much used and apparently that will be very hard to keep a local wallet

I'm really not a fan of snappy (dislike his body language and way of presenting things) and pivx class is too basic.

snappy is a marketing guy

I dont want to be a dev. I want devs to participate in marketing. Not as often as snappy does but maybe once before every major release.

I really appreciate vitalik for this. When I watch his videos I really feel inspired.

I think there's a presenter for everyone, keep diversity, some will like snappy, some will like more technical videos from devs and some will like theirs in Spanish.

Zetty Deschain
No sure, Why make a video that only 1% of the Pivians will not understand?

I disagree. I think that the audience always appreciates when they get to see not just marketing but the actual people with the ideas. Take Vitalik or Elon Musk as examples. They have a lot of work to do but they are great at outreach

I've actually noticed that the broadcasting of the ip significantly kills performance (factor 10) on ras pi. So it's pretty fast until you broadcast, which typically happens after like 30-40 min of staking and from then on once every 24 hours.

That’s what I figured. I noticed CPU usage on my i5 laptop has been higher since switching to zPIV.

Yeah, it's really a pity. I hope the devs optimize this though I doubt it will happen soon. Took them like a year to fix the peer banning bug which forced the user to resync the whole blockchain for no reason... Drove me crazy.

The phone app will be a light client right?

That stupid post appeared in every telegram group at once

I want Coffee
I need help. how to fix this.

Happened to me... I saved my wallets, deleted everything, and started from scratch. It works fine now.