I have the android version are you able to stake using that or is that purely storage

One more question, if I use pivx wallet app in android via VPN, does that help for the transaction being more private? As I know, the pivx address is changing every time when transaction happens which i believe it helps for privacy too.

Why is my Android wallet having problems connecting to the network?

Hello, is it possible for someone from the core team to contact me as I am developing android app (for now only android) for staking? I would rather talk about it in private than public, at least for now? Small number of beta testers would be wellcome as well

What kind of staking will it support?

I dont understand the question. It is like regular wallet staking but for android. Minimum resources draining and minimun network traffic so it doesnt kill battery or make much traffic

hi, is the android wallet released?

I just saw that it only have for Android... Is that the wallet for minting?

Any pivx Android application

Any pivx Android application

Yup, there's an official PIVX Android wallet and it's sorted by Coinomi Android wallet

how do you get it

You make it using the PIVX core client, and hopefully soon even the mobile app on android.

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It doesn't allow to do a backup m using android

Khotso Motaung
It doesn't allow to do a backup m using android

Android has 2 backup methods: mnemonic seed and encrypted wallet file.

Can u please sand me a link i want to download pivx wallet for android coz i dilited the one i have it give me problem

i am using pivx wallet for android. when i am tyring to backup the application giving error "backup fail".

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will i be able to stake pivx in android wallet

But which wallet is good for pos android or desktop wallet

Hi! Does staking work on mobile wallet Android?

Where can i get help setting up a pivx core wallet on my android phone or is that even possible?

Upcoming android wallet with zerocoin mints and spends

regarding the android wallet, we can restore it through file and password or using the backup passphrase right?

is there a ETA for swiftsend and zPiv for android?

Important notice for users of the PIVX Android Wallet or the PIVX Light Desktop Wallet:A syncing issue has been identified and acknowledged that requires a software update in order to resolve. While pushing the required update is, in itself, a trivial task...scheduling unavailabilities and the forthcoming ZLNP update have resulted in the decision to "hold off" on pushing multiple updates in quick succession.It is advised that users of any PIVX-branded light node wallet exercise patience at this time. If funds access is time critical, however, there are steps that can be taken to import funds into a core wallet if need be.Fuzzbawls, PIVX Core Developer.

Android rarely, but it works

or can you find a user manual of the wallet pivx on android?