PIVX CLASS EP25: BANKS CAN LOCK YOU OUT "Hey there guys. Today we have another episode from our Why Cryptocurrency series. That's where we talk about some of the moral and practical reasons to get into crypto. This episode in particular gives a couple examples of how banks can go beyond the law in restricting people's decisions. If they don't like what you do, regardless of its legality, they can shut you down." #PIVXNews #PIVXInfo #PIVXClass

→ Crypto congui Fururama Hi. Don't need Google. 😜 There are some already developed that accept PIVX. If you go to the PIVX Mainboard, there's a list of all exchanges that accept PIVX and the DEX ones are marked.

→Billybeton That's why I talk about believers. You may be here purely for the money... but believers are not. The value is a means for what they believe for them. If market crashes to me or anybody else is not as much of a drama as long as the tech is there. PIVX tech is there and it's amazing. It works and that's is what we need. Where do you think people will flood to when gov demand, which have already started, to everybody declare what they have and intensify there KYC. I know people have already closed their accounts with exchanges and moved to PIVX. For those who have witnessed MtGox crash and BTC 2yrs almost crash, we have already seen this and aren't too worried.

Your work is amazing too my man, pivx notices your efforts

True. Some amazing people around...💜

→Alan @alexhack Hi. You do realize guys the incredible amount of work that has been done in the last year, right? How many exchanges are we on now? More than average. How many conferences? How many articles? "Recover it's marketcap?" ?? Recover from what? Do we need to do more? YES. Do we need to keep asking? Not sure....maybe it would be better if everybody understands that this is a community not a corporation. Let's start doing instead of demanding. We need more articles or marketing? Pull up your sleeves and start writing, start contacting....come on let's go. 😜😜

Gio, I believe in PIVX, otherwise I wouldn't have invested a stupid amount of money that I can't afford in the coin. But I think when you have such an amazing product, yet other inferior offerings get all the limelight. Well, common sense kicks in with me. I think a marketing drive is needed. I don't have the skillset to push that. I'm a firefighter, if you go on fire I will put you out 😂. Maybe there are people in this amazing community with the contacts and resources to get us out there. Perhaps this is a call to action. Why do we constantly hear about verge and monero in every article on privacy coins when our offering is so much better. Maybe this is the time to take the bull by the horns

But, on the flip side, PIVX is way ahead of the game, so when that nervousness disappears the price will skyrocket. Now is an amazing opportunity to buy

I'm not a English speaking person and I really understand PIVX and the ability to be private and not is amazing. Is very simple to understand.

When someone ask you: what has PiVX for a use case and why should i buy it? And what makes you think that it will be one of the altcoins that will survive? What do you answer?

zPoS, effective DAO, great community, devs, constant upgrades, mobile wallets, amazing roadmap. There's also nice things like fast block times, SwifTx and hardware wallet support.

This may be a very overwatched example but I think it's an absolutely amazing technical video

I had the honor to buy a beer to one of the core developers, amazing guy!!

@Fishstix5 Now that your wallet is synced you can make a snapshot for future use. There are some links to info regarding this subject in the PIVX Mainboard.

I think its a amazing price :) of cours anycoindirect also likes to earn with your buy ;) :)

Perhaps the calculator on whypivx is off? More likely I just don't understand how difficulty and rewards are related. Actually, I thought difficulty had to balance hashrate and block times. Maybe it's just the number of PIV and zPIV staked increased dramatically but didn't really affect difficulty. We have seen a decrease in Masternodes since zPoS was invented.

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Price for 1 PIVX $ 0.97 / 0.84 €

The market it's very down in to all Crypto, is amazing because this price is very down on this moment, I hope up. I hope again 3$ for each PIVX

We have an amazing Dev team

Has anyone here tried the Nano Ledger protective cases they sell on amazon?

@GroupButler_bot is doing amazing

Hello team! I really like PIVX project and I think the idea of using Zerocoin protocol is amazing