I am investing in other project but PIVX is my main

Please can anyone help? I am trying to transfer my PIVX to my ledger wallet. The trial transaction went well but the main one got stuck. Does anyone knows what this mean?

Are you available? @ONeZetty Eric

You will be missing certain files but they will be recreated when you open PIVX Core.

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I was gonna setup a pivx masternode. Ive got a mac air. What wallet do i need to download?

Zetty Deschain
Use the is a calculator in this website

I know the calculator. I would like to read the reward by script without the whole blockchain. Do you know what i mean?

Is PIVX dead?

Lol has just been added a cny trading pair against pivx (bitebtc)

The explorer is just a frontend of the core wallet, so if there is a rpc command you can do it

There is certainly a rpc command with which I can realize this. As far as I know I can only access my own wallet via rpc api. I am looking for an external possibility. Do you know one?

In read only you can access any wallet

I'm sure a piven but i would like to determine the annual return of investment of serveral coins too. To determine the annual reward of each coin I have to download each blockchain. To avoid this I would like to use external services. I hope it became understandable.

can a admin write me per pn please? There i have a problem with my masternode.Failed to sart pivx1. Error: Could not allocate txin "then hash" for masternode "my IP"Is it normal for the transaction to be 9000 pivx and 1000 automatically converted to zpiv?This is confusing and i don´t know if this is the problem.

Currently syncing the blockchain.. I'll be back in a few days 😉

I am trying to move coins from PIVX Core to my Ledger wallet. I have certain amount in zPIV Balance. How can I move this coins to my PIVX balance? Please help.

That'll make it easier for me to share with people here in Thailand.