I followed the steps and downloaded the pivx data, i now have to delete, but I'm missing files, that's what it looks like

I miss peers.dat and banlist.dat is serious?

Those files will be rebuilt when you start the wallet.

Which instructions?

instructions here Mong https://pivx.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/30000026470-how-can-i-use-a-snapshot-

Delete each of the green ones then place the snapshot here

You will be missing certain files but they will be recreated when you open PIVX Core.

60 second interview with PIVX Core Developer: Fuzzbawlshttps://youtu.be/zl7jKuEcpuk

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@Mongke, one question. Is it possible to read the annual return of investment from the pivx blockexplorer?

Every coin will be dead. But, not today.

Hello @masterofcoin88 welcome!! 😃

I was gonna setup a pivx masternode. Ive got a mac air. What wallet do i need to download?

The official one, is on the official website.

Core mac version will be perfect

Please, do not accept help from strangers. @masterofcoin88

Theres the light wallet

The light wallet is more like the mobile wallet for desktop.

.dmg or .tgz or high sierra only

Sorry i suck at computer thingys

Zetty Deschain
Use whypivx.com the is a calculator in this website

I know the calculator. I would like to read the reward by script without the whole blockchain. Do you know what i mean?

Is PIVX dead?

Lol has just been added a cny trading pair against pivx (bitebtc)

I see, I understand what you mean, but I have no idea how. I recommend you go to Discord and ask to a developer.

Is PIVX dead?

Yes, everything is dead, sell all your cryptos and back to fiat....