Any information on zDex for windows yet?

chuck u. farley
Any information on zDex for windows yet?

It will be available on both Windows and macOS, but currently just Linux.

But it is confirm that it would bea version available for WinX and macOS.

I recommend to sell now

Sell fiat and buy pivx

Black friday continue for pivx, it's time to buy more

I am investing in other project but PIVX is my main

Sorry for that @Lemonaxy

Hello, I have a problem with a transaction, I didn't receive anything, someone can help me if you please

Then, if you don't see it in your wallet, next thing to check is to make sure your wallet is sync'd.

What wallet are you using?

No, he puts me ( desynchronizes)

Wallet Core 32 bit

How does my wallet synchronize?

Before you follow those steps, how far behind is your wallet?

2 years and 28 weeks

I follow the steps?

Yes, but do not forget to first make a backup of the wallet.dat file, OK?

Is very important to do it.

All right, I don't know much about it, I trust you.

I download the newest snapshot because I can't find the files indicated in my pivx dataa

Please can anyone help? I am trying to transfer my PIVX to my ledger wallet. The trial transaction went well but the main one got stuck. Does anyone knows what this mean?

Also, for some reason the date of this transaction is 13of October instead of 26 of November. Does anyone know how this thing can happen?

What does reorganisation mean?

your best bet is to go to discord and to the #support channel . someone there will be able to assist

Are you available? @ONeZetty Eric