Hi Elisha. Do you know if this token has Master nodes?

Is it the same as with Dash, need 1000 tokens?

Thanx Elisha, I'll check it out.

pictures are broken

Elisha (GH Crypto Guy)💣🔥
Oh, thanks for noticing

do you know where to find info what must be installed on VPS server under linux?

Lots of people will love to help

PIVX PIVX = 0.046441 USD Day change: 14.01% Week change: -2.57% Market cap: 2425116 USD Available coins: 52219291

No. of masternodes is +100 in one day

hi, when you plan to add to the exchange poloniex?

I think Polo will take some time...

wondering what his conditions

PIVX PIVX = 0.0448945 USD Day change: -10.0% Week change: -1.49% Market cap: 2346229 USD Available coins: 52260941

I just got to know about pivx

Anyone here Ready to school me more

The group is still young