My wallet, on Mac, doesn’t complete the synch...and I can’t find out why!!

or can you find a user manual of the wallet pivx on android?

I am trying to move coins from PIVX Core to my Ledger wallet. I have certain amount in zPIV Balance. How can I move this coins to my PIVX balance? Please help.

Be careful with the direct message please Anatoly

Morning, folks. What's new? :D

Awesome. I hadn't heard about that. :)

That'll make it easier for me to share with people here in Thailand.

New Snappy sticker emoji. Applicable for many occasions...

@ONeZetty hi sir thanks for letting me in

Big fan of pivx technology don’t have any yet but that s what i asked for xmas !

how much do you see the value of pivix in 2021?

Tree fiddy. Can't go wrong with that.